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1st Bad Credit Home Loans
Let Us to Get you a Home Loans even if you have a Bad or Poor Credit History!

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New lenders available to proceed your applications at lowest rates. Any credit accepted!

A refinance mortgage calculator added per our customers requests to figure out whether refinancing is right for you.

New, extremely low rates are offered by our lenders! Now a great rate is possible for any credit! Please complete our online loan application and check it out!

Security is improved on our refinance application and now you don't need to supply us with your SSN.

Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad Credit Home Loans

We also specialize in bad credit mortgages, refinance, home loans and injured credit situations, we have a variety of programs that are available offering same day approval.

Home Purchase:

Purchasing your home is one of the biggest decisions in life. If you are considering buying a home or simply buying another property for investment purposes in California, we can work with you.

Buying real estate is a win win situation. The ability to own your home and do whatever you want to it is great. We additionally specialize in working with investors who are looking to expand there current portfolio and expand their assets in many states.

We have a variety of loan programs that allow you to borrow from one of the properties that you own to buy another one.

We have programs that allow you to finance 95% of the purchase price, programs that allow you no-income verification with a larger down payment, which especially helps when you are self employed.


Why refinance? The lower the rate, the less it costs you for the money that you borrow. As a general rule, if the interest rate is 1 1/2 points lower than what you are currently paying, it's time to refinance. However, something to consider is the length of time that you plan to own your residence. You want to be certain that the cost to refinance will be recovered over the remaining term of the loan; that is, not the number of years left on your current mortgage loan, but the remaining number of years you intend to own the property.

Although your monthly savings may be substantial, you will incur some closing costs. Typically you can count on up to 1-2% of the new loan amount in closing fees in addition to title insurance. Your lender will estimate your closing costs for you. To justify refinancing, your closing costs must be recovered over the life of the new loan. By dividing the closing cost by the number of months you plan to own your home and add the result to the new monthly principal and interest payment you will determine if you "break even". If the resulting amount is less than your current mortgage payment, it is time to refinance.

You may also consider taking "cash-out" to payoff other debts or to invest. In this case you will need to determine that the cost to refinance is worthwhile in order to payoff those debts or invest in other markets. Consider not only the closing costs associated with refinancing, but the points you will pay for a lower rate and funds associated with paying off your existing loan.

Ask one of our loan consultants to compare your expenses for various loan programs. In most cases you will be eligible for differing loan programs so be sure to consider all of your options.

Our 1st Bad Credit Home Loans Products Include:

  • Mortgage to Purchase a New Home – Bad Credit Mortgages tailored to your needs, including no money down. It is always a good idea to get your Mortgage Approved PRIOR to a Purchase Agreement. This will help you with the negotiation part of the transaction. We'll work with your real estate agent to conclude the transaction in a timely manner. Worry free and quality assured!
  • Cash Out Mortgages - Get the extra cash out of your home equity, even with Bad Credit! Use the cash to make investments, send your children to college, make home improvements, or to purchase new property. Whatever, your reason, as long as you have enough equity, you can use the cash out for whatever purpose you want! This is referred to also as a Cash Out Mortgage Refinance Home Loan.
  • Debt consolidation Home Loans – Our favorite! A Bad Credit Mortgage Debt Consolidation Loan allows you to consolidate all your debt including, your high interest credit cards and auto loans, into one easy manageable monthly payment. If you have Bad Credit due to being over extended, this is an excellent opportunity to clean up your credit, by lowering your monthly payments. The interest maybe tax deductible, whereas credit cards and other loans have high interest charges that you never receive any benefit from.
  • Bad Credit Mortgages - We can help! Have you been turned down by any other Mortgage Lenders? That’s where we come in. We have hundreds of Mortgage Loan Programs for Bad Credit! We will work hard to find the Best one to fit your needs. We understand that “Life Happens!”
  • Bad Credit Mortgage Refinances - Equity loans refinance loans and second mortgages are forms of a Mortgage Refinance. Reduce your interest rate, your loan term, monthly payments, by refinancing your home! There are many reasons to refinance. We will help you decide when it makes sense to refinance, which mortgage programs best fit your needs and Bad Credit does not need to stand in your way of obtaining a Bad credit Mortgage Refinance Approval.

Apply for mortgage loan with bad credit now!

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